The Tejas Tubular TTXS  Xtreme Series connection was designed to utilize the industry standard and field-proven  API Buttress casing thread profile.

This non-upset threaded and coupled connection allows the pin ends to shoulder inside the coupling.  The design increases compression efficiency, facilitates rotation of the string in the wellbore while running and reduces the connection stress normally experienced with API Buttress and LTC connections.

The flush bore connection provides increased flow rates with minimum turbulence, allows multiple make and breaks and unlimited recuts.

This rugged design has been tested with single and combined loads by an industry recognized independent testing company. Testing confirms that the connection meets or exceeds the pipe body for tensile and compression strength as well as internal pressure rating.

*Patent pending

Performance data sheets

Tejas TTXS_5.500_17.0_P-110


Tejas TTXS_5.500_17.0 L-80


Tejas TTXS_5.500_20.0_HC P-110


Tejas TTXS_5.500_20.0_P-110


Tejas TTXS_7.000_29.0_P-110

Additional sizes weights and grades are designed but not yet tested. If you need casing with the TTXS connection in any configuration not shown above, contact the Tejas Tubular sales department.