TTRS1 Casing Connection

The TTRS1* is a high performance semi-premium connection designed to use in applications where standard API connection performance properties are not sufficient. These connections are designed with a mechanical torque shoulder and provide a flush internal diameter. The connection is an ideal choice when controlled torque range and torsion ratings higher than standard buttress connections are required. The TTRS1 connection is used in applications where radial stresses are high enough to potentially split standard buttress casing couplings. The TTRS1 design is interchangeable with standard API buttress casing connections.

*Patent pending

Data Finder

Size (in) Weight (ppf)        
N/L-80 HC L-80 P-110 HC P-110
4.500 11.60
5.000 21.40
7.000 26.00

To access printable pdf specification pages click on appropriate cell under the grade desired after choosing size and weight.
The grey cells indicate that these sizes are designed but not yet tested. If you need casing with the TTRS1 connection in any of these configurations contact the Tejas Tubular sales department.