The Tejas Tubular TTNY connection was designed and tested as a gas tight connection for faster make up, high torque resistance with 100% pipe body tensile strength.

Featuring a rugged two taper thread design, two landing threads and three metal-to-metal pressure seals the connection is ideal in applications where conditions call for casing with gas tight connections. The robust design provides 100% compression strength and internal yield in a connection designed to resist galling during make-up and a higher torsional rating for drilling with casing operations.        

The Tejas Tubular TTNY connection provides two starting threads for faster make-up, two landing threads to prevent cross threading and three metal-to-metal  sealing points to provide a gas tight seal. The beveled OD coupling with a near flush ID provides ease of running with minimum turbulence while producing.

*Patent pending

Performance data sheets





TTNY_5.500-20.0_HC P-110




TTNY_5.500-23.0_HC L-80




TTNY_5.500-23.0_HC P-110


Additional sizes weights and grades are designed but not yet tested. If you need casing with the TTNY connection in any configuration not shown above, contact the Tejas Tubular sales department.