The three Tejas Tubular production facilities manufacture a wide range of oilfield tubular products that conform to the American Petroleum Institute (API) specification, 5CT and 5DP. As a leading manufacturer of oil country tubular goods (OCTG) the company has long served its customers by delivering superior products at competitive prices.

Tejas Tubular integrated production facilities deliver a complete range of oil field products that include casing, tubing and macaroni tubing, production accessories, drill pipe, drill collars, spiral drill collars, heavy weight drill pipe and drilling accessories.

Tejas Tubular casing products include:

  • Sizes from 4 ½- to 9 ⅝-in
  • Grades from K55 to Q125
  • STC, LTC and BTC threads

Tejas Tubular tubing products include:

  • Sizes from 1- to 4 ½-in
  • Grades from J55 to P110
  • NUE, EUE, IJ, USS Improved Buttress, TTS-8™ and TTS-6™ threads

Tejas Tubular drill pipe and drill collars include

  • Sizes from 2 ⅜- to 5-in
  • Grades from E75 to S135
  • Spiral drill collars and heavy weight joints
  • API Regular, IF and FH tool joint threads

Also included in the Tejas Tubular product offering are production accessories such as pup joints, ported pup joints, flow pups, flow couplings, blast joints, crossovers, combination couplings, and muleshoe joints. Tejas Tubular drilling accessories include drill pups, crossover subs and handling subs.

In addition to tubing, casing and drill pipe, Tejas Tubular also supplies high collapse controlled yield casing, premium tubular products and a line of proprietary premium threads. These threads include the TTS-8 (interchangeable with the TenarisHydril CS® connection) and the TTS-6 (interchangeable with the TenarisHydril PH-6® connection. All of the Tejas Tubular proprietary connections are carefully designed to meet Tejas Tubular high quality standards.

TTS-8 and TTS-6 are trademarks of Tejas Tubular Products, Inc.
TenarisHydril CS and TenarisHydril PH-6 are trademarks of the Tenaris Corporation